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A dedicated Changelog page#387

I was looking at Conflux (no worries) and I like how they offer a dedicated changelog page with the latest updates. In SaaS this is extremely handy and can be a selling point.

New prospects like to see whether a company is constantly developing or not and having a unique link to share with them will make things much much easier.

Thank you for considering,

15 days ago

Thanks a lot, Ervin. Many SaaS already use a blog to announce new features and product updates. What would be the benefits of including those announcements on your feedback board? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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14 days ago

We do too, but articles in a blog are more detailed and blogs in general have too much information (i.e. external links, subscribe now etc) that drive the attention away.

A simplistic page with a brief description for each update is much easier to absorb. This is definitely something that each SaaS can build on its own, but I thought it would make more sense to be provided by Nolt so that we don’t have to rewrite the release notes.

5 days ago

Thanks for the input!

4 days ago