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Add search feature to team list#364


Would it be possible to add a seach field in the Manage team tab? Maybe above or below the Invite user by email field?

This would help find a user if you have many.

Additionally, it would help a lot if you could see their email address right below their name or if you clicked on a person. This way, if the person’s username doesn’t match their email, we can identify that.

Great job on the product so far.


3 years ago
Changed the title from "Improvements to Manage Team" to "Add search feature to team list"
3 years ago

Thanks, Daniel. I’ve created e separate post for displaying the email address in the list: #366

3 years ago

+1 to searching in team list. Ours is currently unmanagable to find someone when we have 5,000+ people on our board

6 months ago