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Activity log improvements#441

I use the activity log to keep track of new comments so I can reply to everyone, everywhere ; but honestly, that is not really practical.

  • It would be nice to have the activity log be a “solid” screen (that way I can use the middle mouse button click to scroll fast, or even have a scroll bar on the side would help to browse it faster)
  • I would love if we had “filters” : for example, being able to see only upvotes or downvotes, or votes generally - being able to see only comments or new posts…
  • Being able to filter activity by user : so it would show only the activity of a specific user (we can also imagine we could use the filters above as well)
  • Being able to filter by post (see all votes and comments on a specific post)
  • Being able to mark a certain point as “unread”, so that we can easily know where and when we last checked. A button at the top to instantly go to your last read/checked entry would be awesome too.
  • When leaving the activity log (by clicking away or accessing a post from the log), your position is saved, so that when you come back, you’re instantly brought back to where you stopped before, so you don’t have to scroll all the way down again each time. Additionally, an “up” button that brings you back all the way to the top of the log could be added, if you do want to see the most recent ones without scrolling like a mad man again.

Anyways, my main point is that I try to use the activity log as a way to keep track of everything that happens on my board, but it’s really not practical, and works well only for the last few entries, which doesn’t help a lot when someone just upvoted a hundred posts at once or so.

2 years ago