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Deletion of a post should not delete all related activity logs#427

When a user posts, votes or reply on a post, there’s an activity log for that. We know what happened and when it happened.
But when a post is deleted, we don’t get a “[admin name] deleted [post]” activity. Instead, all activity logs related to that post : posting, votes, replies all get deleted. It’s as if it was never there.

For example, on the board I manage with a team, a post was deleted, but it’s impossible to know by who. And if no one bothers screenshoting or saving what was in that post, it’s lost forever. No way to get anything back or any information on what was posted or who posted it.

Basically, I think deleting a post shouldn’t delete anything in the activity log, but instead add a “USER deleted POST” log.

2 years ago

Good idea, thanks for the suggestion!

2 years ago

This issue just happened again, on a much larger scale. It was bad already, but I realize it’s even worse : we noticed 3 posts were deleted, but there might be others that we don’t know were deleted, and we’ll most likely will never find out since any and all traces of them have been entirely wiped out from the website.

2 years ago