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Dynamic values for custom fields#411

Rewriting this after spending a slight bit more time with the tool.

You have custom fields. I’d love the ability to provide the nolt embed code with the values for defined custom fields.

For example, a new option alongside text, single and multi select, present today in your custom fields of say, “Custom Value,” or “Dynamic” Fields where you allow the board owner to define only the key/field name in your UI, such that that value will be undefined unless in the widget snippet we reference the field name and dynamically provide a value for it.

This field makes sense to default to Internal (maybe only allow as internal).

This would allow me to make the board effectively anonymous among my own users, but provide my teams with critical context about the submitter. I would use it for many things such as (in order of likely value to the feedback):

  • username,
  • product-tier,
  • a couple diff measures we have for size of customer,
  • account name,
  • account manager,
  • perhaps a measure of recency (say Q3-2020).

So some 4-6 “Custom Value” or “Dynamic” fields are of near instant value to us. I’m sure other customers have other valuable data they’d love to associate with the feedback.

With these defined dynamically in the embed, we wouldn’t need to ask the customer, expose any data to other customers, or force additional logins, they would be just normal internal fields in nolt for us with which we could filter and group etc to review, and the submitter could make their choice about whether they wanted to sign in to keep tabs of their feedbacks and we’d have the choice as to whether we wanted to even approach the SSO thing you’ve got that would address some but not all of the above. Approaching that SSO bit will likely very cumbersome to navigate currently.

— original post
Would be nice, in the integration of the nolt widget in product, where we already know everything about the already auth’ed user that we need to, if we had “dynamic internal fields” which were just an in the UI a key, for which we’d prepare a value for whenever a user opens the Nolt widget for you to then plop in without the manual intervention of needing to connect the user to their feedback, or require they double auth (once into our tool and once into nolt), or require that we manage an SSO implementation that may not be ours since we support SSO ourselves for our customers SSO, or give up on all of that and just let folks go anonymous, so we can’t reach back out or get more context.

2 years ago