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Show the roadmap in columns#388

The way that the roadmap is shown right now is not that effective. It’s an endless scroll and the statuses are not devided that well.

Showing the “planned”, “in progress” and “complete” requests in columns like Trello, or Conflux will be much, much better.


15 days ago

Hi Ervin! Thanks for your suggestion. I would love to know more about it. Why do you think the roadmap view would be more effective with columns?

Our observation in other areas shows that, especially for non-mobile users, regular vertical scrolling is more intuitive than horizontal navigation because it meets the users’ expectations and thus has a lower interaction cost.

14 days ago

Hi Daniel,

As a project manager, I’m used to looking at 3/4 columns:

Ready for development, In development, ready for testing, done.

The same applies to roadmaps. Maybe a personal preference, it makes it easier to see everything without having to scroll.

5 days ago

Thanks, Ervin. One challenge that I see with columns is a Nolt boards’ narrow layout. We made a design decision early on to use the same format for desktop, mobile, and widget to have a unified and straightforward experience. We will mull this idea over internally, and if we do come across a good solution, we’ll make sure to update this post. Thanks again!

4 days ago