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Webhook events for upvoting users#288

The Nolt Webhook integration currently supports comment and post creation and deletion as well as updates to a post’s status. Unfortuantely, voting on the posts is not an event you can subscribe to with the current webhook system. Therefore you can not integrate with Nolt to reward this behavior in any way.

a year ago

Thanks, Justin. I would love to learn more about your use case. How do you plan to use that vote event on your end?

a year ago

We were planning to incentivize users who upvoted and participated in the feedback program with extended trials and subscriptions. Users who voted on 3 or more items or submitted a new idea was the initial criteria we wanted to use. We can currently accomodate the latter via the “post.created” event.

a year ago

Thanks for explaining your use case – makes sense to me. We’ll definitely consider adding a vote.created event.

10 months ago

I’d really like to see this too. The reason for us is so we can track which users asked for which feature in our analytics tool. We can then customise messaging to them to say X feature you requested or voted for is now live. Also useful for us to track in our anlaytics tool which users wanted which feature to reach out to a specific group for further feedback easily.

7 months ago