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Pivotal Tracker Integration#242

Honestly, we’re probably going to stop using Nolt because it does not have integration to the board where we do our work.

This integration should be lightweight, so let me know if you need a beta tester in the next month, and we’d be happy to use an imperfect version. Unlikely that we’ll be users much beyond that, though.

a year ago

Thanks for the feature suggestion, Eddie. Would a Zapier integration help? I see Pivotal Tracker also integrates with Zapier.

a year ago

This is our big blocker as well. We don’t mind manually linking stories but want the story status updates to update the Nolt feature status too. Otherwise there is simply too much manual work keeping the 2 boards in sync. Zapier is ok, but it is costly for the number of features our agile team pushes out.

2 months ago