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Multi Step Custom Fields#212

It would be nice to have the ability to limit options in a custom field based on prior custom field selection.

For example we have tools for a variety of sports. I have a Sports / Category custom field and then a product custom field. The problem right now is all products show in that second custom field regardless of the first selection.

For example we have:


  • WOWY
  • Minutes
  • Game Flows


  • Pitcher vs Team
  • Batter vs Pitcher
  • Pitching Sheet

Right now I have to create a custom field for the top level but the second level field is independent of the top level but it’d be nice if the MLB options only showed if MLB was originally selected.

A way to have a multi-step custom field or setting conditionals of a second field based on the entry of another field would be a great way to trim unnecessary options in the custom field.

4 years ago

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, Mat. I can definitely see how this would come in handy!

4 years ago