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SSO Custom User Attributes#202

Add the ability to send custom user fields to Nolt via SSO. Custom data can include any information such as company name, job role, or any other data relevant to your unique needs. Those custom properties will be shown within the User Card to admins and can be used for reporting and segmenting purposes in the future.

  // System fields
  id: '1234',
  email: '',
  name: 'John Wick',
  imageUrl: '',

  // Custom user attributes
  custom: {
    companyName: 'Cupcake Factory Inc',
    jobRole: 'Head of operations',
    paidCustomer: true,
    companySize: 47,
4 years ago

We would need a similar feature or at least admin-visibility of the used id. This way we can display users with only their first name (anonymity) but also identify internally who posted what

4 years ago

Hi, Daniel and welcome! Displaying user attributes that are only visible to admins would definitely help here. Thank you a lot for describing your use case!

4 years ago
Merged Custom User Fields (in JWT for SSO)#293
3 years ago

I would love to be able to push custom fields also to the platform.

9 months ago
Changed the status to
In Beta
16 days ago